Film Distribution

To become Asia’s Largest Independent Distributor

OSGH has been playing a key role in movie distribution in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore, successfully providing a wide range of movies to local audiences by bringing in many Chinese language movies, US independent blockbusters and critically acclaimed art-house fare from all over the world. Backed by over 30 years of valuable experience and a firm foothold in the region, OSGH is actively introducing foreign films on big screens in Mainland China.

In recent years, the Group has been increasingly active in acquisition of distribution rights and has since then acquired the distribution right of approximately 45 movies, including the ‘Twins Effect', ‘Infernal Affairs III', 'Initial D', 'New Police Story', 'Rob-B-Hood' and ‘Protégé'.

OSGH Leads the Industry

In 2010, OSGH obtained exclusive distribution right for 3D soccer game and introduced 3D soccer game to Hong Kong at Grand Ocean, which was the sole cinema broadcasting 3D soccer game in Asia. The Group will be enhancing its distribution business by focusing on releasing high quality non-Chinese language films and developing alternative entertainment such as live broadcasting of concerts and sports games etc.

Huge Film Library

OSGH now owns a movie library with approximately 140 films for distribution.

The Group’s distribution units in both Hong Kong and Singapore have been a leader in the areas of distribution and marketing of theatrical films to cinemas, follow-on releases to VCD/DVD, pay and free television markets in respective markets, and releases to some overseas markets. OSGH has also cooperated with CMC, which is Taiwan’s biggest independent film distributor and also a shareholder of Vie Show Cinemas, a move that will bear fruits in years ahead.